The Memorial

Central Florida’s naval heritage will be cast in bronze when the Lone Sailor rises on Bluejacket Park in the old “grinder” area of the former Orlando Navy Recruit Training Center.

Like all previously built Lone Sailor sculptures, the Central Florida’s Navy Memorial will be the creation of Stanley Bleifeld, the prestigious U.S. Navy Memorial's official sculptor.

Central Florida's Navy League Lone Sailor MemorialThe Lone Sailor statue will contain two pieces: the Sailor, who stands seven feet tall and weighs approximately 1,000 lbs., and his sea bag and cleat weighing 700 lbs. As part of the casting process, the bronze for the Lone Sailor will be mixed with artifacts from eight U.S. Navy ships provided by the curator for the Navy in the Naval Historical Center of the Washington Navy Yard.

The ships span the Navy's history, yielding small pieces of copper sheeting, spikes, hammock hooks and other fragments from the post-revolutionary frigates the Constitution ("Old Ironsides") and the Constellation, the steamer Hartford, flagship of Admiral David G. Farragut in the Civil War era; the battleship USS Maine; the iron-hulled steamer/sailing ship USS Ranger; the World War II-era cruiser USS Biloxi and the aircraft carrier USS Hancock, and the nuclear-powered submarine USS Seawolf. One last addition will come from today's Navy, a personal decoration given to sailors in war and peace, the National Defense Service Medal. These bits of metal will be part of the Orlando Lone Sailor sculpture.

The Central Florida Memorial will be located in the City of Orlando at Bluejacket Park in the old “grinder” area of the former Orlando Navy Recruit Training Center. The Lone Sailor© site will be available for use by all services, veterans' organizations, and civic groups for appropriate special events, ceremonies and, of course, patriotic servic

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